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Nelakne is a Dryad that lives in Nelakne's Glade on Schallsea near the village of Qué-Theh. Her oak tree is the Spirit Pole for the village. Unlike other dryads, she is not shy but does not leave her groove. She does not hide from visitors but does not lure men to stay with her.

She is a guardian for the village and helps the Qué-Nal's crops grow well. Once when the village was attacked by slavers of Onysablet in 406 AC, Nelakne sent the nature spirits of her grove against the slavers. The Wemitowuk believe that Nelakne is an incarnation of Chislev and practice a ceremony to her every spring equinox.

Kender Tales[]

Some sources listed Nelakne's Glade as being in the northern forests of Schallsea, but since it is near Qué-Theh and the village is in the southeastern part of the island this is an error.