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Nelis Ringhorn (? AC – ? AC) was a male minotaur who was one of the finest generals of the Imperial League during the Age of Despair. As a young minotaur, Nelis was schooled in fighting and strategy by his father, a captain in the Legions of Eragas. Nelis was a charismatic minotaur, who earned many devoted followers both amongst the legions and beyond. He covered both of his horns entirely in rings; each ring denoted a battle that he commanded in the field for the League. Nelis was always a firm but fair commander, who admired honesty and courage. He had a strong fear of bodies of water, and would never set foot on a vessel, unless he had no other option.

Whilst still a child, he started training his friends, in order to combat the bullying older minotaurs that picked on them. Once it was discovered that Nelis was the ringleader now responsible for systematically defeating every bully in the area, the Legions sent for him, to have him enrolled in Officer School at the tender age of ten.

Nelis excelled at school and was later placed in the role of lieutenant of the Dragonclaw Legion. He turned every position he was given into a major success, and was eventually elevated to the role of duces. Nelis was awarded the role of Imperator by Ambeoutin XI himself, Emperor of the Imperial League, and made a trusted advisor and friend of the ruler.

However some of those jealous of Nelis’ rise poisoned the ear of the emperor against Nelis, convincing the ruler that Nelis was a traitor. The former general was arrested and forced to fight unarmed in the Imperial Arena against a fiercely armed opponent. Nelis defeated his opponent to win his innocence, but was forcibly discharged from the Legions of Eragas with “honors”. He then became a champion in the arena, where he was even able to defeat the fearsome Hargh Tallarch, but he soon grew tired of this life, and took up adventuring.

After journeying for some time, Nelis returned to Kristophan, where he established the inn, The Dragon’s Claw, and took up the role of innkeeper.