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Neltan uth Mishakal (? AC - ? AC) was a male Human Solamnic noble from the city of Palanthas. He served on the city’s Senate and is considered one of the best politicians of his generation. He had a mansion on Palanthas’s Nobles’ Hill that looked down on the Palanthas Trade Exchange and the fishing wharf. He had a daughter, Katyana uth Mishakal, that he groomed to take his place in the senate. His portrait hangs in the entry hall of the Lord’s Palace. The plaque below it has a quote from one of his speeches: ”Truth may be absolute, but it must never be used as an excuse to not do the right thing.”

Summer of Chaos[]

Neltan helped to guide the city of Palanthas during the Summer of Chaos. He made sure that sewage was taken care of and water was rationed fairly. He also arranged for Lady Crysania Tarinius to do daily speeches from the pulpit of the Lord’s Palace.

Post Chaos War[]

After the Chaos War, the Knights of Takhisis took control of the city of Palanthas. One of the first acts of the knights was to disband the city’s senate. Neltan and a few other senators went daily to plead with Lord Knight Sir Elstone Kinsaid to reinstate the senate. After two weeks of this the knights arrested them. For six weeks the senators were imprisoned and tortured. During this time Neltan’s daughter organized the other young nobles and got the city working again. She used this as leverage and got her farther released and the senate reinstated. The senators had trouble working with the Dark Knights and eventually all of the older members retired. The last one to retire was Neltan. Katyana took his place in the senate.

Neltan was leading a secret life starting with the day he was released from Dark Knight captivity. He created and led the rebellion group known as the Brothers of Freedom. Neltan would find out about various activities of the knights and filter them to his daughter as advice. She would then act on the advice and keep Kinsaid in check. Years later during the party celebrating Katyana’s thirty-five years of being in the senate the Brothers of Freedom attempted to assassinate Kinsaid. The attempt was stopped by the Dark Knight Vinkal Keenedge, who was wounded doing so. Vinkal knew that Neltan was the leader of the rebels, but for love of Katyana he told Kinsaid that the assassin acted alone as he died in Katyana’s arms.