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Neraka is the capital of Taman Busuk and the base of operations for the Dark Knights and their minions on Ansalon. Located almost in the middle of the Khalkist Mountains, southeast of Godshome, the city was built prior to the Cataclysm. The Hundred Mile Road leads south from Neraka to Sanction (about a 4 day journey), and the Nerakan Road leads north into Estwilde with two other roads leading east and another west. Outside the main gate is a broad open field.

Neraka is located on the Plains of Neraka in the Neraka Valley, and surrounding the city are mountains, with of few of them that smoke. The city is broken into three different sections, with districts outside of the walls. In the heart of the city was the Temple of Darkness and a fortified inner keep, which are both surrounded by a wall, with two more sections each surrounding it with its own wall. In the heart where the Temple once stood, was a large hole in the ground where it sank into the ground following the War of the Lance. The Dark Knights began to search it in 386 AC.

Outside the heart of the city is the inner bailey. Here all kinds of buildings crowd together in the small area, and its own wall surrounds it with watchtowers spaced out. Then is the Outer bailey, and this was literally jammed with buildings, such as stables and markets. It is a warren of brothels, bars, shops, slave pens, huts, and hovels on narrow streets. A huge stench, squalor is found everywhere, and rowdy crowds on their streets. Outside the outer bailey are the neat barracks of the Dark Knights.

After the explosion of the Temple of Darkness, the temple's remains littered the southern end of the valley. The black boulders from the temple do not allow for anything to grow in there. It is that was even as of 421 AC.


Currently, the Neraka that is situated among the mountains is not the same. The city that first had the name was many miles to the north. It was once the location of the High Ogre city of Narakid in the old ogre empire. The lands came under the sway of humans sometime prior to 1300 PC, since this was when the red dragon Deathfyre stopped with the rocks he was selling. The rocks ended up being chromatic dragon eggs. This Neraka was destroyed when the Cataclysm struck Krynn.

Age of Despair

During the Age of Despair, Neraka became the capital city of the Dark Queen’s empire. Here, she raised a grand temple that served as a central point for her war to take control of Ansalon. It soon became a safe haven for criminals and other undesirable people from all over Ansalon.

The city was divided into six major districts. In the center was the temple grounds, where only those dedicated to her cause may enter. Around the Temple of Neraka, lies quarters for her Dragonarmies to stay when called to the city. Each is a city unto itself, and because the Dragonarmies do not trust each other, each quarter is patrolled by their own troops.

Once the Dark Queen’s war, which became to be known as the War of the Lance, broke out, the spoils of early victories poured into the city, bringing prosperity and filling the many shops. The thriving city became overcrowded, the narrow streets filthy and filled with dangerous people.

Fights between the soldiers of the different Dragonarmies were common. The Dark Queen’s own soldiers are sometimes sent out to take control if the respective Wings could not, or would not, do it.

New Neraka

During the second century following the Cataclysm, settlers found the twisted root of the Temple of Istar and thought this was the original Neraka. The Dark Queen in 141 AC planted the root there, and Takhisis had decided this would be the heart of her new empire and the Temple of Darkness would be built here. The call went out to other settlers and the city began to grow. It would soon ally itself with Sanction to the south, and Estwilde in the north. It became a place of vagabonds; all the buildings were makeshift and dirty. Even though it was a makeshift city, it was a very productive mercantile center.

Ariakas made Neraka his main power base in 333 AC, and soon the place would be where the first dragonarmies would be formed. When the armies moved out in 348 AC, Ariakas would run his armies from the city. By the end of the war though, the Whitestone Army drove the Dragonarmies back to Neraka for a final confrontation.

During the spring of 352 AC, the armies of the Whitestone Council were quickly charging upon the city. A small group of companions, who were later named the Heroes of the Lance, had infiltrated the city. They were taken to the Temple of Darkness, and were able to destroy it. This led the Dragonarmies to begin fighting among each other for power, and almost completely destroyed the city of Neraka. Most of the city was destroyed though, and the Dragonarmies abandoned it, moving their capital to Sanction.

The forces of the Dark Queen, following the War of the Lance, would largely abandon the city. It would still be a place of evil, but the newly formed Knights of Takhisis would set up their base of operation at Storm's Keep north of Ansalon. The city would then turn to their Lord Mayor of Neraka to keep the city running.

The position was kept until Lord of the Night Mirielle Abrena arrived in the city, and declared that the Dark Knights would be making this their base of operations following the Chaos War. The city was part of the lands that were granted to the Dark Knights by the Council of the Last Heroes. The Lord Mayor did not want her taking over, but Mirielle had other plans and took over as the Governor-General after having the Lord Mayor killed.

After the death of Governor-General Abrena, Morham Targonne moved the capital of the Dark Knights from Neraka to Jelek, and the city suffered for this. After the War of Souls though, the capital was moved back to Neraka and to this day it is the seat of power for the Dark Knights.

Districts of Neraka

Buildings of Neraka

Roads and Streets of Neraka

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Kender Tales

Once source stated that the Lords of Doom were around Neraka, which they aren't, also sometimes the city name is referred to as Taman Busuk.


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