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Nomscul (? AC - ? AC) was a crafty Aghar shaman, who served as the leader of the Aghar community of Mudhole for many years. He was described as having stringy hair and a wispy moustache, as well as being a dirt-encrusted and pot-bellied little fellow. All in all, he was quite the handsome brute to all the Aghar women.

Early Life[]

Nomscul's early life was spent growing up in Mudhole and becoming the most important Aghar he could be. During his time, he was the shaman, healer, wise man, best cook and leader of the Aghar dwarves in Mudhole. When the Neidar dwarf Flint Fireforge and the female dwarf Perian Cyprium literally fell into Mudhole, it was Nomscul who pronounced them as the new king and queen, as he recalled an old prophecy in which the king and queen would descend from mud.

In return for the "honor", King Flint (or 'King Flunk' as the Aghar knew him) named Nomscul "Mudhole's Best Cook and Chief Shaman". As the longer title than just "king", Nomscul felt he was particularly honored. The small Aghar aided Flint and Perian in the Battle of Hillhome, leading his Agharpulters against the Theiwar who were attacking the Neidar dwarves. When Perian was killed during the battle, Nomscul decided that "King Flunk" could no longer rule, as he didn't have a queen. After saying his goodbyes to King Flunk and leaving Hillhome, Nomscul returned to Mudhole and became the King of Mudhole and named his consort Fester as his queen.

War of the Lance[]

During the War of the Lance, Nomscul gathered his trained Aghar warriors and led them against small forces of the Dragonarmies, pelting them with anything possible and harassing them. His Aghar warriors elevated Nomscul to even greater heights, with many of them saying he would be the next Highbulp of Thorbardin.

Post War of the Lance[]

Following the war, a cleric of Reorx met with Nomscul and initiated him into the Holy Order of the Stars. The little Aghar hero was accepted as a cleric of Reorx and can utilize his clerical powers when need be... although he normally preferred to wave around a bag of dust instead, proclaiming that he would cause "magical effects" to his fellow Aghar (so they'd shut up and listen to what he wanted to say).


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