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Nordmaar is a human nomadic nation that is located northeast of Estwilde, north of Taman Busuk, in northeastern Ansalon. The north and east of the realm is bordered by the Northern Courrain Ocean with the Last Coast being on the northeastern side, whilst the Turbidus Ocean lies on the western side of Nordmaar. A few of the major geographical features are The Great Moors, the Southern Wastes, the Sahket Jungle, the Emerald Peaks, The Horseman and the Fountain of Renewal. The northern part of the land is tropical with many rainforests and jungles, but as you go farther south towards Taman Busuk, it is more arid.

The humans of the realm are split between various tribes and are further factioned between the Nordmen of the cities, who all offer fealty to a single king, who resides in North Keep, and the Horselords, who loyally serve the Khan of the Southern Wastes.

Age of Dreams[]

Nordmaar was originally a collection of islands north of Ansalon, but came into being after the Cataclysm struck Krynn. The Cataclysm caused the Northern Courrain Ocean to drain away from the islands creating the land we know today.

Age of Despair[]

Prior to 348 AC Nordmaar had only fought one known war, the War of the Sky, against the Knights of Solamnia in 202 AC. After the war, Nordmaar and Solamnia forged an alliance that remains to this day. During the War of the Lance, the Red Dragonarmy invaded, taking over all of Nordmaar. The Nordmen were quickly subjugated by their enemy, however the Horselords maintained a steady fight, which resulted in large losses for the nomadic humans. In 357 AC, the Red Dragonarmy still maintained a steady hold over Nordmaar under the leadership of Highmaster Rivven Cairn. However the mercenary Vanderjack undermined her rule and eventually led the Highmaster and her dragon Cear to their deaths, liberating the nation.

Shortly before the Chaos War, the Knights of Takhisis staged an invasion of Nordmaar, again conquering the northern realm, which again resulted in a capitulation of the Nordmen and a mounted resistance by the Horselords against the knights. Soon after shadow wights appeared and went on a rampage across Nordmaar, destroying whole villages and settlements in the eastern half of the land. No record of those settlements or people is on record any longer.

Age of Mortals[]

Following on the heels of the great losses caused by the shadow wights, the Dark Knights subsequently withdrew from the land in the Age of Mortals and the folk of Nordmaar were again left to their own devices. During the Dragon Purge the black dragon Mohrlex appeared and claimed the Great Moors as his new domain, effectively taking over rule of that section of Nordmaar. A few short years later, Mohrlex was infected with the Bakalian Plague by his advisor Barathrutus, who was also a servant of Onysablet. A party of adventurers slew Barathrutus in 422 AC, restored the Fountain of Renewal and healed Mohrlex of all disease and corruption. The dragon chose to live in honor going forwards as a forthright and true ruler of the Great Moors.

The same adventurers that healed Mohrlex, went on to restore the Dragons' Graveyard with the Tears of Mishakal, and also defeated the lich cleric known as Caeldor the Betrayer, who was the champion of Chemosh.



Mystical and Holy Sites[]

Geographical Features[]


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