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Northrain (? AC - ? AC) was a Human female who originally hailed from one of the mountain barbarian tribes located near the Order of Majere Monastery. After coming of age, Northrain left her tribe and approached the monastery, where she was readily accepted as a novice. Finding an innate talent for art, she was soon accepted as an illuminator to decorate the books and manuscripts of the monks in the scriptorium. Her work was heralded as the best in the order and her talent was known of as far as Palanthas. Even though she spent long hours in the scriptorium, Northrain maintained a daily amount of training in martial arts, keeping herself in top physical condition.

She was described as a young female during the early part of the Age of Mortals, with dark hair and is one of the few in the order who maintained it at a long length, in the style of her people.


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