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Number Six was a steel saber made in a time when steel was still a new technology. The blade’s cup iron hilt was designed for a dwarf’s hand but Humans with small hands could use it without a problem. The brass pommel was wrapped in sharkskin and had a dwarven rune for the number six on it. The blade was well balanced and had intricate whirl patterns engraved on it. The saber was not enchanted and was considered very sharp at the time because of it being made from steel.


The saber was made from iron mined in the Harrow Sky Mountains by Hylar Dwarves of Thorbardin. It was made back at the mine with a few others to serve as examples on what could be made with the ore when they Dwarves returned home. On the journey home the dwarves were attacked by brigands. The brigands were chased off by Tolandruth and his friends. In return for his help the dwarf Mundar Embermore gave Tolandruth Number Six. The saber received a slight bend to it when Tolandruth fought some mercenaries employed by the mage Mandes. In 2395 PC, Tolandruth left Daltigoth for good. As he was leaving he jammed Number Six between two granite blocks of Dragon Gate. Tolandruth then broke the blade a span above the hilt. He kept the hilt when he left.