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Nysse (? AC - ? AC) was a cleric of Mishakal who answered the call of the Gods soon after their return following the War of the Lance. The young beautiful woman studied and learned of a temple called the Temple of the Holy Order of the Stars, an abandoned temple that worships all the gods of Krynn. She traveled to the temple, and to her surprise, so did a handful of other clerics. They took this as a sign and walked into the temple to rebuild and bring the gods to Krynn once more.

During 353 AC, the Young Adventurers came to the temple looking to restore their friend, Nearra’s memory. The clerics, including Nysse tried, but the enchantment was too strong. Soon after the temple was attacked by a band of goblins and the green dragon Slean, who wanted Nearra, for his master. The clerics would not abandon any under their care and attacked the dragon.

During the battle, Nysse healed the minotaur warrior, Jax, from a lethal dose of chlorine breath. With the help of the Young Adventurers, Nysse, the other clerics, and the Copper Dragon Raedon, the evil dragon Slean was defeated. The Temple of the Holy Order of the Stars was saved and Nysse and her companions continued to bring the message of the gods to the Solamnic lands once more.


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