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Obsidian Fireforge (? AC - ? AC) was a Neidar Dwarf from the infamous Fireforge Clan of Hillhome, and the younger daughter of Bernhard Fireforge. She was an adventurer and a fighter, as well being skilled at carving, which she utilized when working on furniture in the carpentry shop she ran with her sister Garnet Fireforge. Obsidian was described as being a dark-haired frawl (female dwarf) who was rather attractive and had lovely dark eyes. She normally wore her long dark hair tied back into two braids and was a fun-loving and adventurous dwarf.

Early Life[]

Obsidian and her sister were born in Hillhome and brought up by their father Bernhard. They all lived in the carpentry shop, which Bernhard ran. When the Battle of Hillhome occurred a few years before the War of the Lance, Bernhard was killed, leaving the two young girls to run the carpentry shop on their own. Obsidian longed for adventure, but developed her carving skills to help her sister. She did go on a few minor adventures with her cousin Basalt Fireforge, but he called a stop to this, when his wife Hildy Fireforge became pregnant with child.

The Tharkan Axe[]

Rumors began to circulate through Hillhome about the Tharkan Axe, which was once wielded by Flint Fireforge. Obsidian begun a search for the axe and sent a message to her old friend Targin Steelaxe for aid. Targin was not able to reach Hillhome in time, so he sent some of his friends instead. Erastin Rivenguard, Galenye Faelern, and Karathos arrived to help Obsidian, and they were joined by local Hillhome residents, Selowen and Pentrian.

During the quest, the party met the Minotaur mage Rikar, who aided them further and showed them the remnants of the axe. She hoped to restore the axe one day, and also adventure much more with her new companions.


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