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Oliver (355 AC - ?) was found as an egg by the druidess L'Indasha Yman in the Khalkist Mountains near the ruins of Nidus. His egg was either lost or discarded by chromatic dragons who were stealing eggs from the metallic dragons in an attempt create draconians. L'Indasha took him in because the unfamiliar mountain terrain was a danger to him.

Oliver lived with her in a cave, where he quickly became a burden by eating her out of house and home, which L'Indasha learned to deal with until Oliver's departure. One day they spotted an army of bozak draconians, some of which Oliver somehow knew were his nestmates, marching to the ruins of Nidus. Shortly after the sighting of the draconians, a Solamnic Knight of the Sword, Sir Dauntless Jeoffrey, who was hunting the "evil" druidess charged into their cave. He engaged Oliver, who knocked the knight out with his sleeping gas breath weapon, only to knock himself unconscious on the roof of the cave in the process. When both the dragon and the knight recovered, L'Indasha mended their wounds and the knight left shortly after. Immediately after the knight departed, Oliver left L'Indasha's cave to try and find the ancient nesting grounds of the Bronze dragons in Icewall. After he left, L'Indasha named a new flower Oliver Dragontooth after the bronze.

He was never known to have mated and it was not known who his parents were.