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The Oracle (or Blooquah) was located in northern Watermere. Amidst a maze of coral was an island also made of coral. Humans lived on the island and paid rent to the Dargonesti Elves.

Post War of the Lance[]

By this time Daydra Stonecipher served as an oracle to the Sea Elves. She lived in a cave which served as the oracle shrine. One the surface is a hole that the humans would sometimes drop a coin into when they have a question and sometimes it would be answered. In the shrine itself visitors would place gifts into a trained clam. Everyone was expected to pay within their means. The shrine was guarded by an ancient Dragon Turtle and Daydra was friends will all sea life within fifty miles of the shrine.

Post War of Souls[]

By this point Daydra was talked about in the past tense so it is possible she was dead or no longer functioning as the Dargonesti Oracle.


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