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Pakin III (? - 2401 PC) was the Emperor of Ergoth from 2421 PC - 2401 PC, following the assassination of his brother, Pakin II. The new emperor was titled "The Avenger", as he swore bloody revenge on the supporters of the Pakin Pretender (leader of the Pakin faction who wished to depose the ruling emperors) who had killed his brother. The age-old war between the Ackals and the Pakins flared anew in 2421 PC, with the armies waging war against one another across Ergoth.

In 2421 PC, Pakin III forged an alliance with Lucklyn I, the king of Hylo. The Kender king offered his services to the crown, and swore that the people of Hylo were loyal servants of Pakin III and the Ergothian Empire. Over the next few decades, Pakin III sent out his Great Hordes and crushed the Pakin forces, as well as numerous other enemies of the empire. He sired two sons, Amaltar Ackal and Nazramin Ackal, who eventually succeeded him onto the throne when he passed away.

In his prime, Pakin III was described as a large and powerful man. He wore a warrior's beard and had the forbearance of someone used to life in the saddle and on the battlefield.


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