Paladine, also known as the Platinum Dragon, the Valiant Warrior, and Draco Paladin, represents the godly force of majesty and is the leader god of good in the world of Krynn. He sponsors the soul's aspirations to rise to greater heights and to improve itself by following the example of others. He grants divine right to kings and rulers. Paladine represents the power that redemption and righteousness can have on the world. He exemplifies glory and victory. He was one of the first Gods summoned from Chaos. He furthers the High God's plan among those who follow the ideals of compassion and peace and leads the other gods thorugh his example. He is the brother to Takhisis and Gilean. He chose the goddess Mishakal as his consort. He fathered three children: Kiri-Jolith, Habbakuk, and Solinari. He is advised by Majere. Kiri-Jolith and Habbakuk are also close to him. He honors Solinari by taking the form of a white robed wizard during the War of the Lance. He respects the Gods of Neutrality with no special friends among them, and opposes all Gods of Evil. His celestial symbol is the constellation Platinum Dragon. Paladine responds to the demands of the Kingpriest, who arrogantly demands power from the Gods, by casting the fiery mountain upon the world, causing the Cataclysm. Paladine takes the form of the absent-minded wizard Fizban the Fabulous to aid the Heroes of the Lance. At the conclusion of the War of Souls  Paladine chose to forsake his immortality so that the Dark Queen Takhisis could also be cast out of the Pantheon of the Gods. In his mortal form he chose the name Valthonis as an elf. He is also now known as "The Walking God".

Patron Hood

Paladine was patron of the Knights of the Rose until the War of Souls and is patron deity to the gods of Good. He is also the highest deity of the elves, who refer to him as E'li.

Other names

  • E'li to the elves
  • Platinum Dragon
  • Dragonlord
  • the Dragon's Lord
  • Dragon Father
  • the Great Dragon
  • Platinum Father
  • Skyblade
  • Thak the Hammer to the dwarves
  • Draco Paladin to the Knights of Solamnia
  • Platinum Lord
  • Fizban to the kender
  • Valthonis
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