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Palin Rintalaisin Majere (Corij 17, 362 AC-? AC) was the third child of Caramon Majere and Tika Waylan Majere and was born in 362 AC in Solace. He had two older brothers Tanin Majere and Sturm Majere and two younger sisters, Laura Majere and Dezra Majere. Palin was fine boned figure, with slim fingers, auburn hair, green eyes, and had a talent in magic. This talent frightened his father who tried his best to sway his son from following Palin's uncle Raistlin Majere's path.

Early Years

Dalamar the Dark sought out Palin after discovering his talent in magic, even though Caramon had tried his best to hide the talent. After much debate Dalamar persuaded Caramon to bring Palin to the Tower of Wayreth. There Dalamar arranged to keep Palin's brothers occupied while Palin was taking the Test. Caramon and Palin were transported to the Tower of Palanthas where Dalamar had prepared a special Test. Palin was successful in his Test and chose the White Robes, to help but his father's worries at ease. During the Test, the spirit of Raistlin intervened much to the surprise of Dalamar and tempted Palin to follow his path. Palin refused at the belief that he would die, but instead was granted the Staff of Magius.

Following the Test, Palin traveled with his brothers on several adventures including one with Dougan Redhammer. On that adventure, the brothers were tricked into helping the dwarf through a bet. They traveled with Dougan to the Isle of Gargath and tried to capture the elusive Graygem but were unsuccessful. Following that encounter Palin's brothers were allowed admittance into the Knights of Solamnia and Palin was allowed to travel with them.

Chaos War

At the beginning of the Chaos War, Palin is assigned to his brother's patrol unit that is ambushed by Dark Knights at the Battle of Thoradin Bay. His two brothers were killed when they defended him during the battle and afterward he was taken prisoner. While prisoner he was questioned by the Lord of the Thorn Lillith who tried to turn Palin, but was unable to do so. Steel Brightblade then takes Palin and his brothers back to Solace where they will be buried.

Following his arrival in Solace and the burial of his brothers, Palin and Steel then travel to Palanthas. In Palanthas they hoped to be able to open the Portal, which would lead to the Abyss. The two arrived in Palanthas knowing that they would have to enter Shoikan Grove. At a chance meeting they come across Reverend Daughter Crysania who gave them a charm that would allow them to pass the grove. Upon entering the Tower, Palin finds Dalamar, Usha, and Tasslehoff Burrfoot already there. He learned that Usha claimed to be the daughter of Raistlin. Steel and Palin then attempted to enter Raistlin's laboratory only to have Palin enter while Steel was locked out. Palin then enters the Portal with Tasslehoff and retrieves Raistlin.

Following the rescue of Raistlin, Palin grows increasingly close to Usha. The two become attracted to one another but are held back by the fact that they are cousins. Also during this time Palin studies under Raistlin and receives a spellbook of Magius.

At the conclusion of the battle against Chaos, Palin entered the Abyss with a group who plan on assaulting and killing Chaos. During the Battle of the Rift, Palin helped Tasslehoff, Usha, and Dougan Redhammer capture a drop of Chaos' blood. To allow the group to succeed, Palin casts Magius's Light of Truth which helped banish Chaos. Palin was the first mage to successfully cast this spell and was considered by many to be a powerful mage. After the war he learned from Raistlin that Usha is not Raistlin's daughter and that Palin may marry her.

Age of Mortals

Palin married Usha and they moved to Solace to be close to Caramon and Tika. There they would raise two children, Ulin Majere and Linsha Majere. During this time Palin is deeply upset with the loss of magic, even though he has become the head of the White Robes in 390 AC. In 403 AC he became the head of the Wizard's Conclave and disbanded the group, feeling that without magic the wizards were powerless.

Palin also would join with the Heroes of the Heart in 414 AC and battle to save Ansalon from a new foe, the Dragon Overlords. In the course of the journeys, Palin fights the Overlords either directly or provides help to those who oppose them. Palin helps prevent the Overlords from obtaining godhood, and accompanies Jasper Fireforge's body back to Hillhome for burial.

Sometime prior to the dissolving of the conclave, the Shadow Sorcerer and the Master of the Tower of Wayreth approach Palin to teach him a new magic. This magic is considered to be a wild magic and Palin agrees to be taught by the two. After disbanding the conclave, Palin returns home to Solace and builds the Academy of Sorcery in 412 AC.

At the Academy, Palin attracted students from all over Ansalon as he taught them the new magic. The magic did attract unwanted attention from the Dragon Overlord Beryl, who observed but at first did not interfere with the Academy. As sorcery began to weaken as a result of Takhisis new bid for world dominance, Palin was captured by the Beryl and was tortured. The Academy was blown up in 420 AC by Ulin Majere and Lucy Torkay, to save its secrets from Beryl's approaching force.

Prior to the War of Souls, Palin was a changed man, who was broken and defeated. He was released by Beryl when she believed that he didn't know what was happening to sorcery. Even still, Palin is unable to care for much and his family life suffers deeply. Desperately he began to search for a new source of sorcery and his travels took him away from his family.

War of Souls

Palin's life changed again when Tasslehoff Burrfoot arrived in Solace to speak at Caramon's funeral. This confused several residents as Caramon was alive but Palin quickly learned that Tasslehoff's arrival was through the use of the Device of Time Journeying. Palin took the device and attempted to travel back in time only to learn that time prior to the Age of Mortals did not exist. Palin then began a journey to seek out Dalamar to discuss what this possibly meant.

During his travels, he and Dalamar learn that the One God was actually Takhisis and were slain by Mina. Mina realized after their deaths that she still needed them to find Tasslehoff, raised them and kept them prisoners. Palin's soul though refused to return to his body as he continued to work against the Dark Queen even in death. Near the end of the War of Souls, Palin was nearly slain by Dalamar and only through the intervention of his uncle Raistlin was he spared.

The gods granted him his life back for his actions during the war and asked if he wished to use godly magic. Palin knew that even though magic was the one thing that he had wanted for many years, decided to put his family first. Turning down the offer of magic, Palin returned back to Solace.

Following the War of Souls

In the years that followed the War of Souls, Palin became an influential member of Solace. He was given the job of Lord High Mayor of Solace in the hopes of helping the people transition from a small town to a large town. While as mayor he hired Gerard uth Mondar to become the new sheriff and assisted the monk Rhys Mason in his quest against the Beloved.

Kender tales

Some sources list Palin's birth date as 361 AC or 360 AC.

Tales of the Lance mentions that Palin has other siblings: Leaf and Kalin are younger brothers of Palin, Melody and Kaitlin are younger sisters of Palin, and Dezerell is an older sister of Palin and a younger sister of Sturm and Tanin. Palin's actual younger sisters Dezra and Laura are not mentioned. No further detail is given and they do not appear elsewhere.


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