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Pawjada (? - ? AC) was a Human male Wemitowuk shaman. While he was the shaman of Angat in 358 AC, he did not know any magic. He wore a band of white feathers around his head. Pawjada was the brother-in-law to Chief Owalago. Pawjada was always bringing silly reports of daemons to the chief. If he was not a relative, the chief would not have put up with Pawjada's foolishness. The other members of his tribe are also used to his antics. He tended to hang dried gourds with faces carved in trees near the village to keep evil spirits away. Due to the Shadow-Wights attack on Angat in 383 AC, no one remembers Pawjada existed except through written accounts like through Iryl Songbrook's diary.


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