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The Peak of Clouds is the highest mountain in the Astivar Mountains. These young mountains where pushed up from the depths of Krynn during the Cataclysm. Peak of Clouds soars above the land at 14,000 feet with Mount Brego reaching 12,000 feet. The foothills surrounding the area are not treacherous but the younger mountains of the range feature severe slopes and near-vertical cliffs.

The Peak of Clouds and its sibling peak, Mount Brego, have been at the center of mystical and other supernatural phenomena ever since the Cataclysm.

Keelak, a Kyrie Sorcerer was aware of the area significance but few others did. Lorrinar, also known as Fume, a reclusive green Dragonlord claims the Astivar Mountains and the Forest of Lahue as his realm. He is very familiar with the mystical properties of Peak of Clouds and seeks a way to take advantage of them.


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