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Pegasi are a race of creatures that look like large horses combined with giant eagles. Most pegasi are pure white in color, but complete black coats are also possible. The color of a pegasus’s coat does not indicated its alignment because all of their kind are good. Pegasi are intelligent enough to speak the Common Language. They usually weigh about 1,500 pounds.

They make great mounts but will only server good people. Pegasi cannot be trained, but the only way to ride one is for it to choose the person as their rider. Some are known to serve the Forestmaster of Darken Wood.

Kender Tales[]

One source said that the Knights of Solamnia at least once gathered a force of pegasi riders and some fought in the Third Dragon War, but another said that there has never been a recorded group of knights to ride pegasi. The source said the ceremony of pairing a Solamnic Knight with a Pegasus is a sacred ceremony.

The origins of Pegasi are debatable. One source states that Pegasi were created by Chislev and another that the race was created by the Greystone.