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Pelladrom Tumult (? - 2401 PC) was the son of Lord Enkian Tumult, and an Ergothian Noble who rose to some minor prominence in the court of Crown Prince Amaltar (who would later become Ackal IV). Pelladrom was known as a young hothead and particularly arrogant, and was most often seen in court armor. He bore a distinctive scar across his upper lip, the result of one of the many duels he participated in.

In 2401 PC, Pelladrom was the secret leader of the Skylanders, who were a gang of warriors who plagued the streets of Daltigoth and represented a group of provincial landowners who opposed the rule of the Emperor of Ergoth. The Skylanders, led by Pelladrom tried to cause a riot in Daltigoth shortly after Lord Tolandruth had returned to the city. The Ergothian general faced off against the disguised Pelladrom, who wore a blue scarf to hide his features, and fought viciously. In the end, Tol was forced into slaying Pelladrom, thus quelling the riot. To preserve the dignity of the Tumult name, Pelladrom's association with the Skylanders was kept secret and he was buried with full honors.


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