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The Perechon was one of the fastest ships that has ever sailed the Blood Sea, and one of the fastest ships that sailed Ansalon's waters. It was a twin masted pentare warship with a 120 foot keel, 20 feet in width, a ballista mounted on the graceful bow, two astern, sleek lines, a fine mahogany railing with posts that looked like ornate columns, a hardened walnut bowsprit, a main deck of stained oak, and the poop deck was made of white oak from an elven glade. There were oar ports on the side where the oars could be used manually, and then after Lendle Chafka added his rowing machine, the machine did all the rowing. The paint was peeling off the ship, and the sails were heavily patched.

When the ship was not full of cargo, and had a nice wind in the sails the Perechon could reach a speed of 3.5 miles per hour. Melas Kar-Thon built the ship for speed, and for long voyages at sea.


There were many areas to the Perechon with their own description. Once you boarded the main deck, it was 15 feet above the waterline, and one longboat was kept on deck for leaving the ship. Maquesta's cabin could be found at the stern, and only Maquesta and her first mate had keys to this room. In here was where she kept her records, maps, and charts, and her hammock for sleeping was near the door. At the bow one could find the armory, which held all the weaponry for the ship, and the anchor chain was threaded through here. Next to the armory was the galley where the food was prepared by Lendle.

The raised, open deck at the stern was the aft castle. This was where the helmsman and aids could be found steering the ship. There were two ballistae mounted here, which were kept covered when not in use. At the opposite end of the ship was the forecastle, where the combat turret could be found on a raised platform surrounded by walls. The hawsepipe and tackle for the anchor were on the starboard side, along with a spare anchor.

From the main deck, two sets of stairs led down into the lower deck. Here were the 20 benches used for rowing the ship when it lost wind power for the sails, or for the eating of meals. The oars were stored overhead in the rafters and could be pulled down any time. At the bow were the crew quarters where the crew slept in three shifts during the day. At the aft wass the mate's cabin, engineer's cabin, and passenger's cabin. There were two hatches that led down into the cargo hold.

The cargo hold of the Perechon was the same as any other cargo hold except for the easstra bars and gears that ran from the engine room. When the engine was running, these would move and a person would have to duck. In the engine room was a furnace with plenty of wood to keep the furnace fired. This engine would run the oars when needed. There was a tube that ran from the helm down to this room, allowing for the helmsman to shout instructions to Lendle when he was running the engine. The brig could also be found down here next to the engine room. Its main use was to hold live cargo.


The ship was built by Melas Kar-Thon, and he had one of the greatest ships created. He would sail the seas of Ansalon for many years. In 344 AC, the Perechon was entered into a race, and Melas used it in his bet with Attat Es-Divaq. After losing the race, the ship was turned over to Maquesta, who was only 18, while Melas was kept as a prisoner. The Perechon was then used to complete a mission to capture Belwar, and was bringing the Ki-rin back when they were attacked by a giant octopus at Blood Cup. The ship lost the mizzenmast, most of the railing, and a hole was put in the deck. After defeating the octopus, Belwar was taken to Attat. Belwar gained his revenge against the minotaur by killing him.

During the War of the Lance, the Perechon was used to smuggle and ship goods around eastern Ansalon, being able to outrun all of the Highlord's ships. Eventually in 352 AC, some of the Heroes of the Lance came to Maquesta requesting a ride out of Flotsam. Maquesta agreed sailing away from the city, but they soon noticed they were being pursued by the Highlord's ships and blue dragons.

In an attempt to lose them, they sailed dangerously close to the Maelstrom. Berem, the helmsman, chose to sail the ship straight into the Maelstrom rather than be captured. Raistlin Majere chose to save himself and cast a spell to send him away from the doomed ship. The rest of the Heroes, along with the crew were all sucked down into the Blood Sea, including the Perechon.

The ship was thought to have been lost, but when Maquesta and the crew were brought back to the surface by the Dargonesti Elves, they found the Perechon on a far shore. It seems the ship was sucked down into the Maelstrom, but was spat right back out again. It was due to this the ship gained the nickname "unsinkable".

During the Summer of Chaos, Maq and her loyal crew along with Lendle Chafka were still sailing the Blood Sea. While on the sea, a major squall hit the ship and only due to Lendle's rowing machine on the ship were the crew able to save the ship and limp her back into port at Cuda for repairs.


Maquesta Kar-Thon - Captain

Bas ohn-Koraf - First Mate

Fritzen Dorgaard - Bodyguard

Lendle Chafka - Engineer

Berem - Helmsman in 352 AC

Kender Tales

In the book Maquesta Kar-Thon, the Perechon was a cargo ship, but this was changed in Dragons of Spring, making it a warship.

In the short story "The Blood Sea Monster" by Barbara Siegel and Scott Siegel, from Dragonlance Tales, Volume 1: The Magic of Krynn, a dead sailor and wreckage from a ship are found on the Blood Sea in 352 AC; a plaque bears the name Perechon was discovered, suggesting the ship was destroyed.


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