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Polik (? - 1010 PC) was a former Minotaur Emperor of the Minotaur Empire in the years during the Third Dragon War, and the time shortly after it. Polik was known to have a heavier physique of a champion, and another name he was known by was Polik the Pawn.

Third Dragon War[]

During the Third Dragon War, Polik was put into power as a puppet by others who ruled the Minotaurs. As a puppet he agreed to making his people slave soldiers to fight against the Knights of Solamnia for the better good of Takhisis rather than Sargas.

Post Third Dragon War[]

When Takhisis was finally defeated, the Red Dragon Infernus was still posing as the High Priest of Sargas, Infernus kept control and rigged the battles that Polik would fight. One of the battles he fought against was a minotaur named Raud de-Orilg, who was brother to a very famous minotaur.

One day in 1010 PC, a champion came to the capital city named Kaz. While Polik was fighting yet another challenger to the throne, Kaz killed Infernus while he was in dragon form, and Infernus plummeted to the ground and killed Polik instantly by crushing him.


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