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Port Balifor has been known for rough taverns, black markets and being a haven for smugglers, swindlers, gamblers, cutthroats, criminals and pirates. Settled and built upon a sheltered cove on the west shores of Goodlund in the Bay of Balifor. This port was the key gateway for trade between the eastern lands of Ansalon. Barbarians, farmers, merchants and kender all traveled here to exchange goods with each other. A once thriving town, it extended from the shore to far out over the calm waters of the tidal flats on pilings. Half the town could be found on these pilings, stores, piers, wharf, warehouses and markets all being connected with narrow salt water covered alleyways. Below the pilings is a maze of sewers where vicious creatures and thieves are said to dwell. It is here where most black market items were purchased and sold. On shore the buildings are made of a mixture of stone and wood, they are all crammed close to each other with a salty canal and low stone wall surrounding to protect this area. But most of the settlement has been left inhabitable due to the great Dragon Overlord Malystryx.

Only less than a quarter of the town that is above ground remains unscarred from the attacks of Malystryx when she ruled the region. Most of the docks and structures lay in ruin after her repeated assaults and destruction. The people of Port Balifor attempted to rebuild their town a couple of times but that only invited the dragons wrath. Looking to avoid her attention the residents started to seek out means of survival and found that the sea caves along the cliffs under the town had caverns. The underground network was large enough to house most of the ports remaining population. Although the cave system is extensive and provided fresh water springs, it is limited to the coastal area. The people who did not flee moved into these ancient waterways to avoid Malys and her lieutenants. The townsfolk of pirates, thieves and other criminals found a new sense of pride and humanity in resisting Malys and rebuilding what they had before the great dragon arrived. The buildings that remain above ground slowly have had their numbers increased with the use of salvaged material from the ruins. Most of the structures above ground have escape tunnels that lead to the underground section of the town. These tunnels were built by the Stonesplitter Clan. People new to the town are not told of the underground area in fears of exposing the refuge.

The current state of Port Balifor since the death of Malystryx is not known at the moment. The locals during her rein prevented themselves from repairing the docks and town to avoid her attention. This could have changed or not with the events of the War of Souls.

History of Port Balifor[]

Before the Cataclysm, lands far east of Silvanesti, beyond the Silvanesti Forest and across the Thon-Tanjan River were considered wilds under the rule of the elves. Mostly barbarians, kender and Centaur roamed the area without the consent of Speaker of the Stars. After General Balif and the Kender fought off Bulnac's forces, Silvanos Goldeneye granted the lands now known as Balifor to the kender.

It was after this time many ports and seaside villages popped up on the coast of Bay of Balifor like Bay Trade, Elf Swap, Boondock and Port of Balifor. Port Balifor soon became the gateway of trade to the east and grew in size.

The Cataclysm brought its destruction and changed the area. This thriving port turned into a hide-out for all the low-life's of Ansalon.

Age of Despair[]

During the War of the Lance the Black and Green Dragonarmies occupied the port. Hullek Skullsmasher, subcommander of Dragon Highlord Lucien at the time, over seen the operations and dealings. With the Black Dragonarmy having authority over the town they enforced a no weapons law for non-soldiers. One which if violated was punished by flogging. Gallows could be found on the docks and waterfronts with the bodies of those who oppose the Dragonarmies. Many ships were confiscated and impounded. Black or Green Dragons could be seen in the skies and draconians, ogres, goblins and Hobgoblins walking the streets.

Before the Dragonarmies invaded, the port was ran by the Merchant Lord of Port Balifor which at the time was Orwell Harwich and the Council of Merchant Guilds. Orwell went missing after their arrival and the council meetings where suspended. It was during this time that Rebel forces formed to oppose the Dragonarmies. These rebels were lead by Serinda Elderwood and Kronn-alin Thistleknot.

Age of Mortals[]

The residents of the town during the War of the Lance tried to avoid confrontation. When the Dragonarmies were defeated after the war, Port Balifor found it's self free. This only lasted till the Knights of Neraka moved in. The events of the Chaos War thinned out the knights but some remained. Then Malys claimed the area in 384 AC during the Fifth Age she displayed her power by attacking the coastal communities, partially Port Balifor. Her rage on the port left most the town in ruins. Malys boiled the bay and toxins killed most the fish which crippled the fishing economy along the coast. The people that did not flee to Khur or Kern moved to the sewers that were abandoned in the Fourth Age. In the sewers the town-folks found the sea caves network was bigger then previously known and started to rebuild their town in this underground system.

Malys destroyed Kendermore in 386 AC and the Afflicted Kender escaped to Port Balifor. One of these kender was Kronn-alin Thistleknot. At this time the people of Port Balifor began take pride in the town and started to resist the great dragon. Kronn-alin along with the local resistance formed a covert cell of the Legion of Steel. Its goal was to aid in liberating Kendermore and the Desolation from the great Red. This included spying on the dark knights in the town, scouting the Desolation, fortifying the port-town and providing intelligence to the Legion on the ogre mercenaries that attacked Ak-Khurman in 416 AC.


The area around Port Balifor before the Fifth Age was green plains, lush forest, humid but clear and warm skies. During this time the town had many resources and exports to offer. After Maylstryx arrived she used her magic to reshape the region and the lush green land was transformed into aired volcanic waste. Bleak mountains surround the town and volcanoes from further in the Desolation dump ash on the area when the winds blow in from that direction. The port town is often shrouded in a warm fog that comes from the Bay of Balifor's underwater volcanic activity. When Malys was alive she would make these vents boil the waters around the town for her amusement.

Trade Goods[]

Once a great trade hub Port Balifor's trade has little to offer. The port use to trade in anything heading east, mainly weapons, armor, spices, glass, diamonds, black market items, petrol and fish. Currently pearls from the caves and artifacts found out in Khur ruins and the Blood Sea coast is all the town has to offer. The locals seek healing supplies and food because weapons, wealth and other cargo has little value to these people.


The people of this town don't rely on the gods much, but rather their own hands. Some of the locals still pay homage to Shinare. With the Dragonarmies came the Duskmen, followers of Hiddukel. These clerics operated behind the scene and was lead by Aelanga Saron during the War of the Lance.

Districts of Port Balifor[]

Buildings of Port Balifor[]

Roads and Streets of Port Balifor[]

City Guilds[]


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