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The Port of Schallsea or Schallsea Port or simply Schallsea is located on the western coast of Schallsea on the Bay of Schallsea. The Silver Way leads away from the Port of Schallsea to the Citadel of Light and is about a two days walk. Just to the east of the city lies a Shrine of Habbakuk.

The Port of Schallsea is a walled city with a Solamnic fortress called the Sentinel along the northeastern wall. The buildings built during the War of the Lance are squat and made of think stone and have the appearance of the shells of tortoises. The newer buildings of the city (mostly farther from the harbor) are made of stone and wood and stand usually two to three stories tall. Unlike most port cities, the waterfront is not comprised of warehouses and taverns, but the many businesses the pilgrims heading to the Citadel of Light require.

The harbor of the city is the only deep water port on the island. The docks were first built during the War of the Lance and some of that construction is still in use. In the Age of Mortals, the city has a total of two docks that are large enough to accommodate several warships. The harbor also has a marker dedicated to the Qué-Nal that were killed in the bay during the War of the Lance. The inscription on the stone reads: _”In Memory of the Qué-Nal, Whose Lives Were Cut Short by Darkness.”_

The city is very tidy. Storefronts are freshly painted and no trash lies about. Instead of dirt or gravel roads, they are paved with gray and rose cobblestones. The roads radiate from the docks like spokes of a wheel. The cemetery of the city is east of the town.

The administration of the city falls to the Lord of Schall. The lord appoints a high chamberlain to run the cabinet of the city. The cabinet is comprised of leading members of the community nominated by the chamberlain and approved by the lord. Most of the cabinet members are merchants and sea captains. Prior to the War of Souls, the Lord of Schall would defer to Goldmoon of the Citadel of Light.

Age of Despair[]

In 182 AC, the Qué-Nal landed on Schallsea for the first time at the site that would become the Port of Schallsea. They made a village there and named it Ke-Tat. It became the largest Qué-Nal village on Schallsea prior to the War of the Lance. It was the major point of interaction between the island’s native inhabitants and the rest of the world. The area was also home to a few elves. During this time, Red Creek cut through the village.

War of the Lance[]

During the War, the Blue Dragonarmy choose Ke-Tat as their base of operations for the east and west. They renamed the area to Schallsea Port and began construction on the city’s docks and a fortress, the Sentinel (neither would be completely finished during the war). The army imprisoned many Qué-Nal and made them work excavating stone for the construction. The many Qué-Nal that didn’t cooperate were tied to racks or boulders and dropped into the bay.

Post War of the Lance[]

After the war, the Qué-Nal didn’t resettle the area. They believed the bay to be haunted by the spirits of people killed there. The town was taken over by settlers from Abanasinia, New Coast, Southlund, and some from Southern Ergoth. Also, due to changes in the land, Red Creek dried up on the surface.

Age of Mortals[]

In 391 AC, Goldmoon came to Schallsea Island and choose the area around the Silver Stair as the site for her new Citadel of Light. This decision greatly affected the small town’s fate. The Knights of Solamnia sent knights under the command of Lady Camilla Weoledge to protect the mystics and pilgrims. One of their first tasks was to complete the Sentinel fortress in the town. The land of the town and the bay were ceded to the Citadel representative Iryl Songbrook by the Chieftain of the Qué-Nal Skydancer.

The town grew greatly, but not with trade in mind but with the needs of the many pilgrims that would come to Schallsea to journey to the Citadel of Light. The half-elf Shen Korras owns or part owns about a third of business in the city. Many merchants from Abanasinia came to start new lives there. Some Solamnics also came to escape the rule of the Dragon Overlords. Even some Qué-Nal returned to the city to settle despite the supposed curse.

War of Souls[]

During the Great Storm, many ships in the harbor were smashed into the cliffs and docks. Many buildings and homes were destroyed by a tidal surge. A lot of people were killed and others were left homeless.