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Provoerhoosktalchder is one of the cities of the Bilo Gnomes, based around the Bilo Columns. It is known as the easternmost of the ten cities, and was always governed by the Warden of the Eastern Marches in the past. The tower was guarded fiercely, given it's close proximity to the realm of Old Aurim, and the frequent raids by the Hobgoblins that lived there.

In 299 AC, a vast horde of hobgoblins and fire minions assaulted Provoerhoosktalchder, and took control of the tower. The fire minions left soon after, however the hobgoblins retained control of the region. By 352 AC, approximately 1500 hobgoblins still remained in the tower, and are believed to control it to this day. A permanent gnomish force is camped outside the tower, are are led by the Warden of the Eastern Marches, hoping to one day reclaim the settlement from the hobgoblins.


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