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Quayseen (? – 421 AC) was a male Dargonesti Elf. His body was well muscled despite his age. His build was similar to a Human, but still had slender touches. Quayseen's hair was white in color. He was a mentor to Brysis.

He was known to communicate with Dimernesti Elves. Once he was hunted by a Desolate Maiden in a Dimernesti ruin.

After the War of Souls in 421 AC, Quayseen was leading a mapping expedition to chart the new ocean currents caused by the return of the three moons. The expedition included Brysis, the cartographer Veloxua, and the dolphin Minnow-Tyrant. On the expedition they mapped many things from the Blood Sea down south past Habakkuk's Necklace into the Bay of Balifor including the Ice Spear, the Salt Wound, and most importantly they discovered the World Gash. While initially exploring the World Gash outside the ruins of Mycaisa there was an eruption and Quayseen sacrificed himself to save Minnow-Tyrant from falling debris. Brysis blamed herself for her mentor's death.


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