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This article is about the elven bard. For the family of Ergothian rulers, see Quivalin.

Quivalen Soth (? PC - ? AC) was a legendary elven bard known throughout all of Ansalon who was an archivist of the Qualinesti. He wrote such works as "Five Hymns", "The Bird Song of Wayreth", "Song of Huma", and the unpublished poem "Dark of Solinari". Quivalen compiled the Lifescroll of Song, a collection of folk songs and ballads about the history of the Age of Starbirth.

While he shared a last name, he was not related to Lord Loren Soth. He served as the headmaster for the Bardic College of Ergoth for some time. Quivalen visited the Pathwarden Estate in 220 AC, but left when Galen Pathwarden acted up, even throwing a toy soldier at him as he left the estate.

His name has alternatively been rendered as Quevalin Soth, Quivalen Sath, and Quivalin Sath.

Kender Tales[]

Dragonlance Adventures stated that Quevalin Soth was Silvanesti Elf and compiled the Lifescroll of Song prior to 2500 PC. Here, his name is rendered "Quevalin". A later source stated that Quevalin compiled the scroll in a later period of time and not before 2500 PC.

The novels Weasel's Luck and Night of the Eye renders his name as "Quivalen Sath".