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Raph Tanglemop (? AC - 414 AC) was a kender who was originally from Zhea Harbor, though he called Hylo home. He left Hylo to see the world when wanderlust hit. He has seen such sights as tidal waves, a glacier, Darken Wood, and has even climbed the Vallenwood trees of Solace. Raph was known for having a spoon collection.

Raph was young by kender standards, appearing something like a bright-eyed little human boy with an adult’s lean face and body. He had reddish hair that was loose and unkempt, where his name derived from.

Hero of the Heart[]

Raph Tanglemop was a traveling companion of Blister Nimblefingers around 414 AC. He was the first Hero of the Heart to die. While fooling around on a stack of water barrels aboard Rig Mer-Krel’s ship, Raph pulled the rope securing them, falling to the ground and getting crushed by three barrels.

Kender Tales[]

Raph’s true home is somewhat in dispute. He was said to originally be from Zhea Harbor, though he called Hylo home. Whether these are conflicting kender tales, or he moved at some point from Zhea Harbor to Hylo is unknown.


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