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Razor (? - 421 AC) was a blue dragon mount for Marshal Alexius Medan first with the Knights of Takhisis, then with the Knights of Neraka. He was a very disciplined dragon that was more graceful in the air than on the land.

Dragon Purge[]

Marshal Alexius Medan hid away Razor in the land around Qualinost so his loyal dragon wouldn't be killed by the larger dragons. Razor's mate was killed by Beryl.

War of Souls[]

During the battle in Qualinost, he didn't like the fact that Marshal Medan was hiding him away, but he did so anyways. Following the battle, he met up with a silver dragon by the name of Mirror and together they journeyed to the city of Sanction. There, Razor met up with Galdar and made an alliance to go and battle Malys. during the battle, Malys killed Razor when Galdar and Razor attacked her head on. She crushed his back with her powerful jaws.