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Realgar (ca. 251 AC351 AC) was Thane of the Theiwar and a dark magic user prior to and during the War of the Lance. He was scrawny, under-sized for a dwarf, had a scraggly beard, was rotted-toothed, but extremely powerful in magic. During Realgar's life, he was a worshiper of Takhisis. He became Thane by deceit, murder, and dark magic. He was always known to loathe sunlight, and never let other mages near him for being jealous of their power.

Early Life

Realgar grew up with his family in extreme poverty, which meant they were poorer than poor. His family would envy Aghar Dwarves. This starvation stunted Realgar's growth, but it sharpened his mind in the process. In order to get some money, Realgar sold himself to a Theiwar warlock, and this warlock would have Realgar rob and murder for him. Even though Realgar would do all the dirty work for the warlock, he would get beat daily. In secret Realgar learned magic from the warlock, and grew in power until he was able to kill his master and took over control of the magic users. Realgar owned no spell book, and would gain his magic from the black moon Nuitari, who allowed the dark dwarf to use his magic unknown to Realgar. The guards that served Realgar were required to wear black and silver uniforms.

War of the Lance

Realgar conspired with the Dragonarmies during the war and promised to betray Thorbardin in exchange for their guarantee of his rule over the mountain kingdom. Verminaard offered a deal to Realgar to become an honorary Dragon Highlord over Thorbardin. Realgar felt that this was going to be his true title, but in reality, Verminaard would overthrow him from his position of power once the Council of Thanes was disbanded.

Realgar's plot was found out by a group of adventurers who inform Glade Hornfel Kytil of Realgar conspiring with the Dragonarmy. Realgar would lead his troops against Glade during the Battle of the Temple of the Stars, but would run for his life before the battle was over and his forces crushed. It was thought that Realgar died when he fell into a pit while fighting Hornfel, but this was not so. His body was found later, his throat slit from ear to ear.


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