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Red Creek was a stream on Schallsea that flowed through the Qué-Nal village of Ke-Tat (now Port of Schallsea) and emptied into the New Sea.

The Qué-Nal named the stream after a Qualinesti Elf that only dressed in shades of red and lived on the northern bank of the stream. They originally named it Red Elf's Creek, but over time the name was just shortened to Red Creek. After the War of the Lance, settlers came to the area and the elf moved to the northern end of Schallsea. In about 380 AC the elf was killed in a misunderstanding with a hunter.

Red Creek dried up on the surface sometime after the War of the Lance. It still flowed below ground fed by a spring. Above ground the streambed was later paved and turned into an alley called Red Street in the Port of Schallsea.


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