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Reghar Fireforge (160 PC - 39 AC) was a Neidar Dwarf from the infamous Fireforge Clan of Hillhome and the grandfather to Flint Fireforge. He married a weak hearted Neidar dwarf woman who gave him two sons. One of his sons would die from the heart defect at a young age while his other son Durgar Fireforge would become the father of Flint Fireforge.

He was the Thane of the Neidar dwarf and ruled them prior to the Cataclysm. Following the Cataclysm, Reghar tried to lead his people through the most trying of times. It was during these times that Reghar witnessed the famine, drought and plague that affected his people.

Not knowing what to do to end the problems Reghar turned to his mountain cousins living in Thorbardin. He grew enraged when King Duncan refuses his request to allow the Neidar to move under the mountain. Reghar believed that the mountain dwarves were lying to him and that they really were doing this to increase the wealth of Thorbardin. He and Duncan would meet at Pax Tharkas and argue over this matter bitterly. Reghar decreed that "if the gates were not opened by the mountain dwarves then the hill dwarves would open them."

Dwarfgate War

Knowing that his force would not be enough to breach the gates of Thorbardin, Reghar traveled to the Schallsea Strait where he had heard rumors of another army. Arriving there he found Darknight, a plainsman, whom he at first hated. There they would meet the army of Fistandantilus (Raistlin Majere) and the general Pheragas (Caramon Majere).

It would be through the actions of Pheragas (Caramon) that would force the hill dwarves and plainsmen to work together. Knowing of their dislike of each other, Pheragas (Caramon) devised a contest that could not be ended unless the two groups would work together. At first the hill dwarves and plainsmen worked hard to accomplish the goal but realized that each side would not be able to complete the task. Eventually they worked together and retrieved the Axe of Brotherhood and the Sword of Friendship.

The army of Fistandantilus (Raistlin) journeyed to the mountain dwarf fortress of Pax Tharkas and through treachery opened the gates and defeated the mountain dwarves. Reghar fought in the battle with the army of Fistandantilus (Raistlin) and was among those who entered the fortress and seized it. He then wants to pursue the mountain dwarf army back to Thorbardin but was unable to as Fistandantilus (Raistlin) wanted to travel to the fortress of Zhaman.

Reghar refused to camp inside the magical fortress of Zhaman and set up his camp on the plains outside of it. Out on the plains, Reghar waited for the word of Fistandantilus to move the army onward to the gates of Thorbardin. That word never came and eventually Reghar received word from Dewar dwarves that they would hold the gates and allow them to enter the realm.

The message was a trap that Reghar fell for and he left without letting Fistandantilus or Pheragas know. As he traveled to the gates he fought the rested armies of the mountain dwarves. Even outnumbered and greatly weakened by the lack of supplies Reghar and his forces fought on until the magical destruction of Zhaman. The explosion of the fortress killed Reghar and both the hill and mountain dwarf army.


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