Creator of the world of Krynn, sometimes called the Forger of the world. Reorx is the deity of the Dwarves, and when he takes on mortal form he takes the form of a dwarf. He is also the god of the gnomes, cousins to the dwarves, and even has "guidance" over the Kender. Some believe that Reorx is still shaping the other side of Krynn. Reorx is notorious for his love of bets and wagers.

Creation of Krynn

Along with the actual world of Krynn Reorx created the stars and the souls of mortals from Chaos, the father of all and nothing. At the same time Reorx created the Graygem of Gargath to contain a piece of Chaos.

Graygem of Gargath

Hiddukel and Chislev tricked Reorx through flattery into creating the Graygem to help balance neutrality on Krynn. Instead of a piece of chaos, Reorx captured all of chaos. As a result of capturing the entire deity, the Graygem became sentient; and attempted to spread chaos everywhere by changing everything that came into contact with the gem ncluding the creation of Kender. The Graygem never looked or felt the same to any two people and was always changing in size and look. In an attempt to save face with the other gods, Reorx trapped the Graygem on the moon of Lunitari, thus hiding it from his fellow gods. Hiddukel tricked a gnome into stealing the Graygem from Lunitari. The gnome used a Self-Propelled Lunar Extension Ladder[1] to take the Graygem from Lunitari and return to Krynn. As the gnome was returning, he lost his grip on the Graygem and it fell to Krynn. The Graygem went wild running across the world; bringing chaos and change. After seeing the destruction that the Graygem left in its wake, Reorx charged the gnomes with the capture and return of his Graygem. After chasing the Gem for thousands of years, it was located on the Isle of Gargath where Palin Majere, Tanin Majere, and Sturm Majere along with Dougan Redhammer(Reorox's Mortal-like form) got it back, only to lose it once again in a wager against a common fisherman. The Chaos War was a result due to Reorx losing possession of the Gem.

Dougan Redhammer

Reorx assumes the form of Dougan Redhammer, a richly decorated dwarf who is a thief that frequents Palanthas. He is a loud and cheery fellow who enjoys drinking and gambling, but has very bad luck.

Artifacts of Reorx

GrayGem of Gargath

Hammer of Kharas

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