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Reynard Deft-Hand (? – 2132 PC) was Human male with a mop of red hair and green roguish eyes. Thin and quick, he could charm a widow out of her life savings and leave with her loving him for it. It was said that his fingers could slide in and out of pocket as fast as he could knife a purse from a belt.

The Dragon[]

Reynard was one of four dragonslayers summoned to the Bitter Ale Inn in Fredericksborough by Gondar, Seneschal of King Frederick, to slay a Red Dragon. The red dragon had taken the ransom that was to be used to secure King Frederick's freedom from his dark brother, the Duke of Northampton. Unlike the other three, Reynard knew Gondar before their meeting in the Bitter Ale Inn. Reynard had tried to pick Gondars pocket but was caught. Gondar then paid Reynard’s bail and set him free.

Reynard met his fate beneath The Black Mountain, home to the dragon. After locating the Dragon’s treasure, Reynard made a dive for the treasure and began pawing through the gold. Gondar’s gold. The Dragons gold. Gondar walked up behind the thief and then stabbed him in the back. Reynard died with a very surprised look on his face. After killing his three other companions, Gondar reanimated Reynard’s corpse to act as an undead guard for his lair.