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Rikar (? AC - ? AC) was a rather tall and skinny minotaur, who stood at almost eight feet tall. He would occasionally decorate his horns with rings, and also would wear a pair of fine spectacles. Covered in dark brown fur, Rikar normally wore the red robes that clearly marked him as a Red Robed mage, and a willing follower of Lunitari.

Early Life[]

The young Rikar was born on the Isle of Mithas, as a sickly child on the verge of death. Left for dead, he was rescued by an old mage, who decided to teach basic spells to the child. Rikar showed amazing potential in learning magic, and studied under the mage for a number of years, until he was old enough to travel to the Tower of Wayreth and take the Test of High Sorcery. Rikar passed his Test easily, and became one of the only minotaurs to ever do so. Because he was no longer welcome in Mithas, he instead built a home in the Kharolis Mountains, in which he stayed for some time, collecting knowledge and lore about various Magical Artifacts, most notably the Tharkan Axe.

Quest for the Axe[]

On his search for the Tharkan Axe, Rikar settled near the Neidar dwarf Village of Hillhome, home of the Fireforge clan, of which several members had owned the axe at one time or another. Finally Rikar found the axe and commenced writing it's history with the aid of several of the Fireforge family. Whilst living in Hillhome, Rikar became close friends with a group of adventurers which included the knight Erastin Rivenguard, Galenye Faelern, Selowen, Pentrian, Obsidian Fireforge, and fellow minotaur Karathos. He also became good friends with the local priest of Hillhome, Ian Chandler.

Rikar long-hoped that his new friends would help him in fulfilling a prophecy to aid in the symbolic return of Kiri-Jolith. He proved to be a great boon to his friends, teaching history to Karathos (as well as help him in finding his lost-friend Caelus ), taking on Selowen as an apprentice, and becoming a like-minded scholar for Pentrian and Ian. Rikar tried to get his friends to assist him in gathering a number of components in order to restore the Tharkan Axe to it's former glory.


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