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The Rod of Omniscient Wisdom is a powerful artifact. Legend has it that if Loren Soth had placed this item in the hands of the Kingpriest of Istar, the Cataclysm could have been prevented.

Age of Might[]

During the Age of Might, the rod was located deep in the Dargaard Mountains. The rod was placed inside a coffer with the inscription of “He who removes this artifact from its resting place shall replace it with his soul.” on the lid. Inside the coffer was a purple bag containing five separated pieces of the rod and thirteen Golden Circlets. The five pieces of the rod are the same colors as the Chromatic Dragons; white, black, green, blue and red.

There is a map located in the museum of Dargaard Keep, that shows its location before Loren Soth recovered it.

Age of Despair[]

After the Cataclysm, the rod is most likely still in Lord Soth’s possession somewhere within Dargaard Keep.


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