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Roeland Stark (ca. 358 AC392 AC) was a Human male student of Mysticism. He was a tall and strong man.

Building the Citadel of Light[]

Roeland was a Miller in the Port of Schallsea. In the fall of 391 AC, Roeland went to meet the famous Hero of the Lance Goldmoon as she and her order were building the Citadel of Light. She was pleased to meet him and he was very impressed by her and her message. He saw this as his chance to be something more than a miller. He joined her fellowship the next day. Everyday he worked on the Citadel. Never taking a day off, often working until he could no longer lift a hammer.

When the Mystic Gair Graymist became corrupted by dark mysticism, Goldmoon and Camilla Weoledge sent search parties out comprised of Knights of Solamnia and Goldmoon's followers. Roeland went on one of these search parties. Gair Graymist and his Wraiths captured Roeland. He was tortured for information about Goldmoon. When he did not tell Gair anything, Gair had Reoland killed and then Gair raised him as a wraith as well. The wraith of Reoland was an evil thing that desired nothing more than to kill. It is likely the wraith was destroyed in the battle at the Silver Stair that soon followed.