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Rosamun Aelan (? - 342 AC) was born and raised in Solace. She first married a roguish mercenary named Gregor Uth Matar and together had one daughter named Kitiara Uth Matar. After Gregor left her, she married again to Gilon Majere and gave birth to two sons, 10 pound Caramon Majere and sickly Raistlin Majere. She was also known to have had one sister named Quivera Aelan.

Rosamun was known to suffer strange trances and by the time she was about to give birth to Caramon and Raistlin, was chronically abed with fever and imagined ills. Before that she was known to have been a good cook. Rosamun was beautiful in her youth, with blonde hair, and was honest.

Early Life[]

Rosamun grew up in the small village of Solace. When a young mercenary named Gregor came into town, she fell instantly in love with him, and him her. Together they married and Rosamun gave birth to her daughter Kitiara. Rosamun saw right away that Kit was nothing like her and all like her father, and for that they did not see eye to eye in much of anything.

When Gregor left and never returned, she married a woodcutter named Gilon Majere sometime before the year 326 AC. She bore him two sons, a ten pound baby named Caramon, and a second one that no one knew about which was named Raistlin by Kitiara. Once the second baby was born, a river of blood pours forth from her. The bleeding was stopped but she never fully recovered from the trauma of giving birth.

Over the next five years, she continued to waste away to gauntness. Her blonde haired turned a ghostly white, her face shrunk in, and she had immense, spooky eyes. She would sometimes become normal for a time, but would then drift back off into a trance.

Following the death of Gilon when a tree fell on him, Rosamun goes into another trance. This one she does not return from and she dies within a few days of Gilon's death.


It has been said that she was originally from Palanthas. It was also said that she had dark curly hair and a crooked smile.


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