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Rugoheras (? - 352 AC) was a fearsome warrior in the Dragonarmies, who rose to the position of Dragon Highlord of the Red Dragonarmy, after the death of Lord Ariakas, and the defeat of the Dragonarmies at Neraka. He was described as a muscular warrior who enjoyed pairing his underlings off against one another. With ash-blond hair, broad shoulders and tattoos of flame up his arms, he cut a very distinct figure.

Post-War of the Lance[]

Following the defeat of the Dragonarmies at Neraka, the Red Dragonarmy had become a fragmented and nearly broken force. It took a powerful and charismatic warrior to ensure the army did not dissolve completely. Highmaster Rugoheras was the man to ensure the Red Dragonarmy did not fall apart in 352 AC. Re-establishing his base along the northern coastline of Estwilde, the army dug their heels in to rebuild, whilst Rugoheras himself plotted a way in which to try and bring Takhisis into Krynn once more. With the aid of Minsi Tarenthela (a cleric of Takhisis), Karabanth, (a black-robed mage) and Ashbringer (a red dragon ), the highlord was almost successful. However, the intrusion of several adventurers led to the highlord's death.