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Male (race unknown)
Classes: (unknown)
Alignment: (unknown)

Sabin Mri (Say-bin' Mreye) (??/??/??? - ??/??/???) first appeared in Trebiers, FyxZharar in 386 AD. Initially he had passed through the city and purchased a number of supplies before departing. Sporadically, in later years, he would return and do the same. Often he would talk with others about events, both local and across Adlatum, before going on his way. The most people remembered about him was that he was kind, a human very pleasant of face, and tended to travel around heavily robed, usually with the hood up. The color of the robe changed from year to year, sometimes blue or green or orange, and many noted his voice to be smooth and almost intoxicating. Reports of his hair color tended to vary between dark blond and a light brown. His eyes were said to be green. Memories as to what accent he carried are inconsistent.

In 388 AD, while he was in Trebiers, he began to converse with Terrabell Drysden, the manager of Cosickers Hold. Instead of not appearing for another year or two after his departure, Sabin returned a month later. The next time a fortnight had passed. With each appearance he spent more and more time with Terrabell. By early 389 AD, it became public knowledge that Terrabell was pregnant. Then, without warning, Sabin's repetitious visits to Trebiers stopped, and he was never seen again. Later that year Sabin's son Chatellin was born. Terrabell died turning delivery.