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Sagarassi (? PC - ? AC) was originally a Silvanesti Elf female. She was a champion of evil and served Zeboim and Takhisis. Sagarassi was also a wizard. After Zeboim changed Sagarassi, the Sea Witch was able to change form, but she normally took the form of a creature with a top half of a Silvanesti female and a lower half a bunch of tentacles. She would also take the form of full bodied elves, a large black and grey shark, and an old hag with eight arms.

The Sea Witch was skilled in manipulation and lying. Sagarassi also had skills in melee combat along with her various skills of warfare. While she was a worshiper of Zeboim, but her wizardry powers were influenced by the moon Nuitari.

Her main headquarters was the citadel Khegar.

Early Life[]

The god Gilean choose a champion of neutrality. Takhisis found out about what Gilean was planning and split the egg of the future champion before it was born. Sagarassi was then born. A year later from a different father the elf Daydra Stonecipher was born, a future champion of good.

Kinslayer War[]

During the Kinslayer War, Sagarassi prayed to Takhisis to be given the power to kill the Humans in the war. Takhisis handed over the elf to Zeboim. The sea goddess took the elf, empowered her, and placed her underneath the waves near Taladas.

Sagarassi’s First War[]

In 1320 PC, Sagarassi with her Koalinth, Lacedon, Sea Dragon, and Amphi Dragon allies attacked Watermere. The Dargonesti Elves were led by the Speaker of the Moon Drudarch Takalurion. Takalurion formed an alliance with merfolk and Humans. Eventually after 120 years Takalurion and his allies managed to push back Sagarassi’s forces. Sagarassi retreated and in her rage for her defeat killed all her advisors and representatives of her allies.


During the Cataclysm and the years afterward Sagarassi just watched and waited. Many of her allies needed help but Sagarassi did nothing.

Sagarassi’s Second War[]

In 348 AC, Sagarassi attached Watermere again, but this time she was better organized. The Speaker of the Moon Treyen Silverwake made many alliances with octopi, dolphins, whales, hippocampi, and most crucially the Dragon Turtles that lived nearby. By 350 AC Sagarassi and her forces were defeated again. She killed off her advisors again for the defeat. She immediately began planning her next attempt.

Post War of the Lance[]

Some of Sagarassi’s plans involved the humans of the Fellowship of Coral that rent islands from the Dargonesti. She appeared to them as a magical elf from across the sea and claimed that the Dargonesti are her descendants. Sagarassi was planning on poisoning the humans against the Dargonesti.

Also forgotten by everyone except the sisters Daydra and Sagarassi was a prophecy that they would one day fight to the death. The prophecy did not name a winner. Daydra still at this point did not know the truth about what happened to them before they were born, but Sagarassi suspected the truth. Sagarassi feared that since no victor was named what would really happen would be they would be recombined together again.

At some point to the years prior to this time, Sagarassi planted a part of herself in the area known as the Tomb of Ships. This was to eventually grow into an offspring of the Sea Witch. Its fate is unknown.

Post War of Souls[]

Sagarassi fate is unknown at this time. Whether she launched her third war on Watermere, fought her sister, or died is also unknown. Her relationship with Daydra by this point had become openly known to the Dargonesti and was mentioned in the new Spell-fables. It is likely that Sagarassi and her sister have had their final battle.


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