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The Sage (? - ? AC) was an Estwildian Human male Mystic. He appeared to be at least ninety years old but his exact age is unknown. Most of his past is a mystery even to those he is closest to.

There are rumors that the Sage might actually be the Silver Dragon Solomirathnius, also known as Mirror, but these have never been substantiated.

War of the Lance[]

Some believe that the source of the hostility between the Sage and the Half-elf Shen Korras came from events between them on Schallsea during this time, but this may only be rumor. Especially since in the Age of Mortals the Qué-Nal and Wemitowuk elders claim that they never saw either of them on the island at that time.

Pre Age of Mortals[]

The Sage claimed to have learned Mysticism from the Wemitowuk prior to the Chaos War.

Age of Mortals[]

In 388 AC, the Sage met Goldmoon on what she believed was her last journey. She encountered the Sage. Together they talked and he inspired her to look within to find the Power of the Heart.

Sometime later the Sage traveled to Qué-Shu. Goldmoon asked him to stay and teach her more about mysticism. He agreed and helped train her in the new type of Magic. Years later when Goldmoon decided to build her Citadel of Light the Sage came up with the basic design of it.

At the Citadel, the Sage often helped young Citadel Aspirants. His advice was often cryptic. Citadel Masters often sought his advice too, but he preferred to help those he could help most. He was also one of Goldmoon's top advisors. Of the rest of Goldmoon's inner circle, the Sage greatly disliked Shen Korras for reasons that are a mystery.

During this time the Sage spent about four months of each year traveling. He would collect books to be added to the Citadel's library in the Mentalism Lyceum. The Sage would also regularly visit Bertrem, Palin Majere, Drincabir Redstone, and Liam Ehrling. Where else he went on these trips was a mystery. Some rumors included that he was working on his own mystic book or visiting his old master that was speculated to be an ancient Silver Dragon from the Dragon Isles.

What happened to him after this time (prior to the War of Souls) is unknown.


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