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Samuval (ca. 379 AC - ?) was originally a low-ranking captain in the Knights of Takhisis. Samuvla was of medium height, had powerful arms, and short, salt-and-pepper hair. He was a great Regal player.

Eventually he became disillusioned with what they stood for, and bought his way out of the Knighthood. He formed Captain Samuval's Archer Company, and hired out to the Dark Knights.

War of Souls[]

During the War of Souls, Samuval served as a mercenary captain of bowman and archers. At Sanction he met Mina for the first time, and she gave Samuval a simple choice: die or follow her. Samuval agreed to follow her orders and when she told him to shoot the Dark Knights that are fleeing Sanction, he ordered his troops to do so in the Battle of Beckard’s Cut. From that point on, Samuval followed Mina wherever she led, becoming one of her three closest officers. He assisted in the capture of the ancient elven nation of Silvanesti, and with the Solamnic city of Solanthus.

Eventually though, he made his way to Qualinesti, and regrouped Beryl's army there. In order to regroup the army, he offered people free land in Qualinesti if they signed on to follow him. He then led them into Qualinesti and seized almost all the lands. He made a raid on the Tomb of the Last Heroes, and stole a Dragonlance that was there. It was then sent to Sanction for Mina to use. When Takhisis was going to ascend, he was magically brought to the arena in the Temple of Duerghast.

Post War of Souls[]

Following the War of Souls, Samuval left the Dark Knights a second time, since the knighthood without Mina was not the same. He became a mercenary robber baron of a company of bandits, based in the Solace area along the Qualinesti border, near the Lake of Death. He even took the title of Baron, rather than Captain. He also kept in touch with Dogah since the end of the war, and supports him. He has been promised all of Abansinia if Dogah becomes the next Lord of the Night.

By 422 AC, Samuval had taken over half of Abanasinia. He had not taken over Solace though, and had an understanding with Sheriff of Solace Graylord Joyner. His men would be allowed to buy supplies there, but not linger or start trouble. Graylord would eventually run afowl with some people, and some began to suspect Samuval of murdering the sheriff. Gerard uth Mondar was hired as the new sheriff, and he quickly was able to dismiss him from being accused. Samuval beat Gerard at Regal, then had him tied up and removed from his fortress. Even though he didn't kill the sheriff, he was buying weapons from Gart Wykirk and Jutli Wykirk. At the fortress was a wide variety of troops, from humans and hobgoblins to draconians, goblins, ogres, and a half-giant.


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