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Sanction is a large sprawling city which is located on the eastern point of the New Sea, and is surrounded by volcanic mountains, the most notable are the Lords of Doom: three volcanoes who spew forth lava, which have destroyed parts of the city.

In the Age of Might, Sanction was a relatively peaceful fortified town that had a successful export business of granite and tar, and traded freely with some of the cities of Solamnia. However the Cataclysm brought about the rise of the Lords of Doom, and the inhabitants were gradually replaced by pirates, rogues and refugees. In the first part of the Age of Despair, Sanction became a lawless city, inhabited by the darker denizens of Ansalon, and it was ripe for the picking when the Dragonarmies swept in and claimed Sanction in the name of Takhisis. The port town became the epicentre of operations for the Dragonarmies during the War of the Lance, until the forces of Takhisis were ultimately conquered. However Sanction remained a home for rogues and fiends alike for the next few decades.

Shortly after the Chaos War, a stranger calling himself Hogan Bight appeared, tamed the volcanoes and set about rebuilding the city. He soon gathered his own forces and drove out most of the illegal activities in Sanction and became the new ruler. However the girl Mina conquered the city in the name of the One God during the War of Souls. The war saw the ultimate defeat of the One God, and the eventual return of Hogan Bight, who had vanished for some months shortly before Mina's invasion. Sanction is on the mend once more, as a bastion of light surrounded by darkness on most fronts.

Buildings of Sanction

Guilds of Sanction

  • Black Knife Mercenary Guild
  • Farmers' Guild
  • Fishing Guild
  • Merchant Guild
  • Seafarer's Guild

Geography of Sanction

Streets and Roads of Sanction


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