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Sandaryll Smokingwar (? - ? AC) was a Knight of the Thorn in the Knights of Takhisis during the Chaos War. During her training as a Dark Knight she showed a natural affinity towards magic, so it wasn't long before she became a Thorn Knight. She lacked the size and stamina of her other training partners, but thanks to magic she was able to make it through them.

Lady Sandaryll was known to have been 5'5" tall and 160 pounds. She favored the longsword as her weapon, would wear chainmail when not casting, and had a ring of protection.

Chaos War[]

Lady Sandaryll performed many difficult missions of the Dark Knights, sometimes even for Lord Ariakan. His last order to her was to keep an eye on Farall Skycutter while in Palanthas and either help him or remove him in order for the Dark Knights to succeed. When Chaos attacked and Farall seemed a little overwhelmed by everything, she really couldn't blame him and overthrow him from power. Following the war, it is unknown what became of her though.


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