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Santis (? - ?) was very short, only just reaching 5' and he had a slender build. His hair was dark brown and his large eyes are green. Certain events in his life made Santis a solemn and determined young man. He believed strongly in swift justice for those who broke the law. His solemn nature was evident in his desire to study and be better at the expense of social interaction and humor, the latter being useless to him in his fight against injustice.

Early Life[]

Santis was the only child of peasant parents. Very early in his life, his parents discovered his arcane talents and sent him off to study with a Wizard of the White Robes. Santis enjoyed his time with the Wizard of the White Robes but sadly it was cut short by the murder of his mentor. Santis was away fetching water when the foul murder took place, the White Robe murdered by a rival wizard.

Santis swore to avenge the death of his mentor and now travels the continent, gathering enough power to one day confront his mentor's murderer and bring him to justice. Santis hadn't taken the Test of High Sorcery yet and he didn't know if he ever would. Santis disapproved of the idea of Good and Evil working together.


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