Sargonnas is the god of wrath, vengeance, and retribution. He is a god without compassion or mercy.

Though he works in the hearts of all mortals, his favored children are the minotaurs. Minotaurs refer to him as Sargas, who represents power gained through brute strength and held with honor. Sargonnas appears to minotaurs as a gigantic minotaur with either char-black fur or blood-red fur.

Sargonnas was summoned from the Beyond by Takhisis to be her consort. The two have had a rocky relationship through the eons, which ended with the War of Souls. Sargonnas also has a rough relationship with his children, Zeboim and Nuitari. Sargonnas hates the gods of Good, save for Kiri-Jolith, who he grudgingly respects.


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