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The ancestral home of Aquatic Dragons is the region known as Saturnalia. It is found beneath Krynn’s northern polar icecap. Saturnalia is a place of numerous ice caves made in great glaciers that have provided seclusion for aquatic dragons for much of history. It is known for its glittering darkness since it is home to many types of creatures capable of bioluminescence in its deep seas.

Post War of Souls[]

After the War of Souls, a powerful Sea Dragon named Urchin invaded Saturnalia and killed many aquatic dragons. In 422 AC, the god Habbakuk himself stepped in and managed to defeat Urchin, but as she died she cursed Saturnalia. After that many aquatic dragons felt that their ancestral home was not quiet right and felt wanderlust to leave it. While a few elders remained behind, many aquatic dragons migrated away. Some of the younger aquatic dragons renamed the region as Saturnine which means “poisoned.”

Urchin’s interest in Saturnalia was somehow initiated by the sea dragon Midori. Midori did this for Nuitari in an effort to distract Habbakuk from Nuitari’s work with the sunken Tower of High Sorcery at Istar.