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Sea Dragons are a type of dragon that lives in the oceans of Krynn. Although some sages say that they are not true dragons. They appear like giant turtles with lizard like heads. Their shells tend to build up with barnacles and coral over their lifetimes. Sea dragons are wingless and have clawed flippers and a powerful tail. Their heads usually have a bright colored fin that runs down its head, neck, and tail. Sea dragons can get as long as two hundred feet. They are capable of pulling in their heads and fins into their shells to help in camouflaging themselves on the sea floor. Sea dragons are not social and tend to hibernate for long periods of time. They can breathe air and water, but cannot survive out of water for long.

Their homeland was said to be north of Kalaman. During the Chaos War, many sea dragons were pushed further out to sea by creatures of Chaos.

Some sages believe that the goddess Zeboim created sea dragons out of jealousy of her mother's dragons. Others believe they descended from black dragons. Since sea dragons and black dragons are capable of mating and producing amphi dragons lends credit to this idea, but green dragons and sea dragons can also produce amphi dragons.


Sea dragons have a powerful steam breath weapon. They can command sea creatures and often have sharks and other predators guard their lairs. Also, they sometimes use lacedons.

Sea Dragons near Watermere[]

There is a large territory of sea dragons that lay between Sagarassi's Lair and the sea elf nation of Watermere. Many centuries ago, Sagarassi asked a mated pair of sea dragons to lair between her home and the sea elves in return for treasure. The two kept their word to the Sea Witch and propagated. The mated pair took the title of King and Queen and shunned their true names. Seven sea dragons from this territory formed part of Sagarassi's honor guard. Also, a female sea dragon from this territory mated with a visiting green dragon and had a clutch of amphi dragons. Sagarassi used these amphi dragons used to start a territory of these dragons just southeast of the sea dragons' territory.


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