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The Second Dragon War ( 2692 PC - 2645 PC), known to dragons as the Elven War, was one of the single greatest events in the history of Ansalon. This war was fought between the elves of Silvanesti against the Chromatic dragons under Crematia and their allies the ogres and bakali.

Early Events[]

The red dragon Crematia was awoken by her dark goddess Takhisis in 3000 PC. As soon as she awoke, she began to make plans to get back at the Silvanesti Elves of the south. Her eggs that she laid prior to her sleep hatched, and a male dragon she named Deathfyre, who would become her chief lieutenant, was born.

Crematia knew exactly where the dragon stones had been buried, but had to go to the dwarven nation of Thorin to get them in 2710 PC. There she met with the High Thane of Thorin and demanded the return of her "eggs" that she claimed to be buried there. The Black, White, Green, and Blue gems were returned to her. Crematia took them to the Darklady Mountain, and during a ceremony released the dragons trapped inside the gem. This destroyed the Darklady Mountain, creating the Lords of Doom and devastating the land around them. Armies of ogres and a lizard race called the bakali had gathered and prepared to launch their attack on Silvanesti.

Second Dragon War[]

In 2692 PC, the legions of bakali and ogres swarmed out of the Khalkist Mountains to attack the nation of Silvanesti. All semblance of resistance was crushed either by the legions, or by the chromatic dragons in the air. The lowlands of Silvanesti were quickly taken over, cutting off the elves from that refuge from the last war. The major reason the elves were not crushed in the first year was thanks to the three brothers Fayal Padran, Parys Dayl, and Kayn Wytsnall. They had become very strong mages, and were able to hold back the hordes that continued through Silvanesti.

Eventually the elves retreated back to Silvanost, and there the three mages erected a magic shield around the city to protect all the elves that had retreated there. All elves that survived the war could claim to have taken up refuge here.

Dragons at War[]

Aurican joined the war to assist the elves in driving the chromatics out of their lands in 2650 PC. He attacked the dragons with magic and brute strength. In an epic battle between him and Crematia, he mortally wounded the great red before retreating back to the Grotto in the Kharolis Mountains.

Deathfyre's task had been to follow Aurican to find where the Grotto was located. He found the where the Metallic Dragons were hiding out and brought his kin-dragons with him. They attacked, slaughtering many of the young dragons and killed the great Aurican in the process. Only ten metallic dragons were able to escape, two from each clan. Aurican instead brought his forces to focus on the destruction and plundering of Silvanesti, which took place for the next forty-two years. Some sources state that the dragons expanded their attacks further away, event to attack the human city of Caergoth.

Battle of Time[]

The Battle of Time was the final confrontation between the elves and bakali and ogre allies. In this, the three brother mages met with Silvanos and told him of a bold plan with the assistance of a Scion to release magic and would destroy the dragons and their allies. The mages admitted they didn't know what sort of destruction would happen to the elven nation, but Silvanos agreed to go with it since he was out of options following the defeat of the dragons five years earlier.

So the three mages and the Scion met in their tower, there they released the magic contained deep in Krynn. The ground swallowed up the entire enemy army, along with all chromatic dragons. Deathfyre had been away near the Lords of Doom, and he was dragged underground also. Instead of being killed he went into a deep dragon sleep.

The lands of Silvanesti were utterly destroyed from the spell. This so enraged the elves living there, that the brother mages had to flee. So they teleported their magic tower, the Tower of the Sun (not to be confused with the Qualinost Tower of the Sun), in order to escape certain death.


This would lead the bakali to near-extinction on Ansalon until the Fifth Age, and not a single chromatic dragon would be around until just prior to the Third Dragon War. The metallic dragons would go into hiding, and the elves would have to rebuild their entire nation.

This would also lead to the release of raw, wild magic upon Krynn. This would lead to the formation of the Orders of High Sorcery in order to gain control of this wild magic.

Kender Tales[]

A lot of scholars confuse this war with the Third Dragon War, Huma Dragonbane was never in this war, and Knights of Solamnia didn't take part in the war. Also said that the dragon orbs were created during this time. One source puts this war starting in 2690 PC, but this is off by two years.