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Selowen (? AC - ? AC) was a lovely female Qualinesti elf who was also something of a fledgling mage. She had shoulder-length brown hair, bright green eyes and normally dressed in fine clothes that were peach or green in color. She was good-natured like many elves, and truly felt at home among the Neidar dwarves of Hillhome.

Early Life[]

Selowen was born in Qualinost, which is where she spent her first few years with her family. As a child, she met the delightful Flint Fireforge in Qualinost, who gave his wonderful toys to many of the children. With the outbreak of the War of the Lance, Selowen's family moved to Hillhome, to work with the dwarves and aid the elves in Qualinost. Selowen and her family become close friends and neighbours with the Fireforge family. Her parents went on a scouting mission with several dwarves during the war, however the party was ambushed and killed by draconians, leaving Selowen on her own.

Later Life[]

Selowen grew up surrounded by friends, and her closest friend was the dwarf Obsidian Fireforge. Along with Obsidian, she helped several adventurers in recovering the Tharkan Axe, and she met with the minotaur mage Rikar during this time. Selowen became Rikar's apprentice, finding the minotaur was a good teacher and friend. She hoped one day to travel to Wayreth and take the Test of High Sorcery, so she could wear the White Robes of Solinari.


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